Dancing Ladies Slide show title

Click the image above to start a slide show of the various image in this set. The slide show application has various tools including a button at bottom right to zoom to full screen. Let go of your mouse or trackpad and the slideshow will run automatically to the end or until you stop it. Use your browser’s back button (left arrow) to return here.

This set of images documents the process of the artist Joy Brown making her newest collection: 108 Dancing Ladies.

These images were taken by Richard Wanderman with a Canon EOS 5D camera and for the most part, a Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L lens.


4 Responses to Gallery

  1. Miwako Tojima says:

    Hellow Joy
    I saw your http: and 108 Dancing Ladies. Thre are wonderful.

  2. How absolutely marvelous. Your parents named you well; your figures are suffused with joy.

  3. Janet Rodgers says:

    Loved the slide show of 108 Dancing Ladies. The little ladies made me smile. Nice to see that my own Joy Brown sculpture has many happy brothers and sisters around the world.

  4. vered says:

    so nice ! i wish i could visit you in your studio !

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