Family reunion

It was such a special time in Japan with my teacher Shige, his wife and other apprentices. We are like family. As apprentices, not only did we learn how to make pots and build and fire kilns but we learned a way of life. I was his first apprentice 40 years ago! Working and living with Shige had a profound impact on my life. He is like a brother to me.

Moon Gallery is in a beautiful old renovated farmhouse up in the mountains near Nara. We walked up into the hills behind the gallery to pick flowers and greens for the opening of our show. It was wonderful to spend a couple days with everyone’s work. We all stayed in a nearby farmhouse and cooked and ate together, wonderful dinners, lots of sake and late nights talking. That’s Shige waiting for his coffee.. always inspiring and fun to be with him, always my teacher.
IMG_5725IMG_2058IMG_5671 IMG_5645 IMG_5682 IMG_5652 IMG_5713

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