Surprising and unexpected things

One of the wonderful things about traveling or being in another culture is you can expect the unexpected. In our days at work, there are often surprising things happening or showing up, usually much to our delight!

One time Tanya and I went back to our rooms after work and noticed that in all the other bedrooms, all the furniture pieces were wrapped in bubble wrap! We never figured that one out.

One day we noticed the cooks were all wearing big white aprons and dressed in white, kind of like pharmacists. They were spraying and wiping everything with what seemed to be bleach. We asked what was going on and it turned out there had been a report in the news about one case of someone dying from SAARS in Shanghai (city of 23 million)! (It seemed a little over reactive to me but what do I know!) After a day or so, the cooks were back in their usual clothes and no more bleach.

For days I heard this singing coming from around the corner of the workshop building. I thought it was the neighbors over the wall. But when I followed the sound it led me to this plastic flower in the bushes playing this song. A little bit like the first bars of “old man river…” over and over again, day in and day out! They told me it is a recording from a temple. Kind of soothing actually, all day long.



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