Clay is my home

There is a lot of loud banging, grinding, welding, and dusty fumey HOT air in this workshop as there are a number of other projects going on along with my big ladies. They are building a 25 foot tall metal structure sculpture by a Belgium artist, by bending huge pieces of I beams and rods…not quiet! I am out there often in all that with my earplugs, though I’ve done most of my work on my pieces in the early morning or during their 2 hour siesta time.

Gratefully, there is a quiet small back room that is kept air-conditioned where a young newly hired art student, Xiao Wuu, is working on some projects in clay! We came to liking each other immediately and it has been my refuge to play with clay here. He teaches me Chinese words and I teach him English, all with a lot of laughs. Many of the guys, one by one, come back in here to cool off and joke around for a few minutes. Even the old guy who is doing the landscaping came in to sit down for awhile.

I’ve been making more pods, pods, pods. Woa xi huan niiba! (I love clay!)







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One Response to Clay is my home

  1. Julia Gordon says:

    I am so touched, Joy, by your stories: your family and all the discoveries of your grandparents and their travels. Your grandfather’s picture w/the rocking horse reminds me of your sculptures! The process of creating your pieces from beginning to end (especially the mistakes and detours) is awe-inspiring. The happiness of all involved touches my heart! Thank you. I don’t think you can keep me away!!! Julia Gordon

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