Three more big ladies

I’m back in Shanghai again to finish three big ladies in bronze, two of which are the first in the editions. After the first day of feeling discombobulated, I’m enjoying the swing of things here. It’s that first day with jet lag and trying to tune in to what I have going here that’s always the hardest. And the heat! A week or so ago was the hottest weather in Shanghai in 150 years, 107 in the workshop everyday. Happy to miss that heat wave but it was 100 degrees today! Everyone seems pretty comfortable with it except me. It’s great to see my buddies again.

The rest are photos out my bedroom window. The workshop moved last year to Fengxian area, south west part of Shanghai, predominately agricultural area with many small industies (like this one) cropping up. A large and light filled workshop and living place. Very good working and living conditions here.






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2 Responses to Three more big ladies

  1. rwanderman says:

    Wonderful images Joy. Love the group shot without eyes. Wow.

  2. Great shots Joy, miss you, Love you

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