Texture and revealing the spirit

The shapes look wonderful to me, full and rounded. But it is very difficult to really see the surfaces now because of the newly worked shiny places next to the dark areas. The figures are cast in a number of parts which are welded together. All those seams have to be ground down and blended with the original textures. It can be difficult to make in metal a texture that is like the one we made in plaster.

My heart sinks when I see the big ladies at this point but I have been through this many times before and I know not to get freaked out about how bad the surfaces look right now! Each little issue, one by one, gets worked on until it is solved. Slowly the piece moves from being a big piece of metal (as it looks to me now!) to holding and revealing it’s spirit more and more fully. This is my challenge for the next 10 days here. After the initial shock, I’m feeling happy and excited to be here, working on these babies!






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2 Responses to Texture and revealing the spirit

  1. Tina Anderson Hughes says:

    I also love the roundness of the sculptures…they look so real and one wants to touch them. With your special touch and as the days go by, I think you’ll see the result you want to emerge but as in everything, it takes time. I remember the initial shock of taking things out of the kiln and not being pleased…then loving them later with a new “eye”…All of your things I’ve seen has that very special touch of yours…warm.
    Thinking of you the next ten days…

  2. rwanderman says:

    The images are spectacular Joy. Keep on shooting, you’re doing great.

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