My Chinese history

I’ve been thinking about my father a lot while I am here, here in the land of his birth. I wish I knew him then. He would have loved that I am working here, making my sculpture.

My grandparents came in 1908 and 1910 as missionaries, met here and married. My father was born in 1915 in Xuzhou, the city where my grandparents lived for about 40 years. We communicate instantly now with email and telephone. Back then it took months for a letter to arrive in the US announcing his birth.
(This photo is of:)
(2-1jpg) my father as a baby with a group of Chinese neighbors (I presume.)

Xuzhou in 1922. Now it’s a city of about 9 million people.

(Thomson sisters) my grandmother (on the right) and her sister who started a school for women in Xuzhou in 1910. It is now an outstanding high school.

(12-3) in a motor bike, said to be the first in Xuzhou. My grandfather was active in designing the road system in Xuzhou; some of the roads are still main highways now.

My father loved China and the Chinese people and returned to live in Xuzhou after medical school in the US with his young family. They left in the late 40’s when the communists took over.

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One Response to My Chinese history

  1. maggie says:

    hello joy im TANYA KUKUCKA,S friend maggie ,we,ve had manya giggle over THE DEZ REZ were you staid when you both went to china ,you ask her! i love your photos above,what stories you have to tell…by JOY have a happy life…..maggie…. it doesn,t matter about emailing me back

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