Moving the big lady takes a hoist now…

These guys are the best! lots of laughs and hard work. I’ve worked with all of them at one time or another. Today after lunch I was walking by the office and Liu Cheng called to me and said “tea?” and they were all gathered around to have chrysanthemum tea together during their lunch hour. Tea is made and served on a wood table that has a cut out indented area with a drain in the bottom of it. To heat the tiny cups, they pour hot water over the cups and on the table too.Then pour the steeped tea into each cup. We enjoyed rounds of tea and conversation together. Lily speaks some English but mostly I just grove on the good energy.

Moving the big lady takes a hoist now. The first rough layer of plaster, some problem areas with the legs and the popeye arms (9238). There’s always a way to make it right if I can figure it out. Everything is related to everything else. A lot more looking and thinking today.

I had a 4 word conversation in Chinese going all day with Mr. Fong. “plaster”…. “a little bit” and “add” or “reduce” and I understood him when he said “lunch” in Chinese. ( I’m surprised at how the words that i learn don’t stick in my brain!)

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