We put on the first layer of plaster on the bottom of the figure first, the nails as a guide to the estimated ideal depth (just to start with). The two guys Mr. Zhang and Mr. Fong helped me all day, mixing and laying the plaster and moving the piece around. We got into a good rhythm with the plaster. (They learned not to mix up so much, so fast for this old lady!) Plaster is so amazing, thickens and hardens in minutes.

We turned the piece over to see how it was laying and for some reason the legs were not flat on the table anymore so we had to cut off the legs again and realign them. Without the plaster, two people can pick it up. After some plaster we need a hoist to flip it around.

The same smiling old guy showed up to pick up and recycle the scrap styrofoam as would come 2 years ago. He greeted me with an exuberant “OIIIII!” and offered me a cigarette! He loads that cool old motorized cart to the max. I’ve noticed everyone in this area uses the scrap for all kinds of things, like furniture and tables. One guy had a big piece for standing on while floating in a pond fishing.

Tired at the end of this day and happy to lay in my warm bed!

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