Kneeling figure taking shape

My big kneeling figure is coming together. All these parts are laying around in bronze after the hardened sand mold is beaten and ground off of them. Then the parts are welded together and chased (grinding and shaping at the joints, putting the texture back in) It is amazing to see how it takes shape again. I understand that only half of the work is done when it comes out of the mold. Still so much to do.

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One Response to Kneeling figure taking shape

  1. phil says:

    Hello Joy,
    This is Philip Mader. Remember, one of the kids you used to let make clay figures whenever I was in Kent for the summer? Well, in any case I see you’re in China, and I was wondering how long? I am in Boston for the next 5 months and will occasionally be visiting Kent, so I would love to meet whenever you are back. Meanwhile, all the best in China on what looks like an amazing trip.
    Love, Philip

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