Figures in a park

We installed the three bronze figures on Sunday in the blazing heat at Jing’an International Sculpture Park in Shanghai. You could have cooked an egg on the bronze. As it turned out we didn’t have to go so early. It just so happened my sister was visiting me that day, very exciting! There were plenty of men to move the pieces onto the big rock steps at the park. It was a humbling feeling to leave my pieces alone in the middle of Shanghai as we headed back to the workshop. They look great there.

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10 Responses to Figures in a park

  1. Richard says:

    Fantastic Joy. The placement is really good and I hope you’ll take more pictures of them over time.

    • Joy Brown says:

      Thanks Richard! I’ve got loads of pictures and will send more. This is a new park and I think as the plantings grow up and fill in it will be an even more wonderful space.

  2. Gary Sharp says:

    Congratulations, Joy!! It’s great to get this update and see your wondrous bronze figures in place in that park in Shanghai, where I’m sure they’ll be enjoyed by many throughout the years.

  3. Judith Russell says:

    Joy…You never cease to amaze me. What a wonderful accomplishment. They look so perfect sitting in the park. Congratulations!

  4. Gail Ledbetter says:

    Wow…how amazing is that photo of your figures in the park…beautiful…awesome to think of them there.

  5. Tina Anderson Hughes says:

    I just love your sculptures and they look so beautiful in the park. It is so special to experience the complete process with your photos. I wish I could walk up to them…maybe one day. They truly are amazing!

  6. wallacewu says:

    great!so glad to see you recorded this process,wish you will creat more and more wonderful sculpture in China!

  7. Cindy Snow says:

    Oh Joy, what a true gift you are to the world and to all of us that know you. Your work is so peaceful and beautiful, and they look so at home in the park! Congratulations on taking the journey to China and leaving a piece of you there for all to enjoy.

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