Each form has its challenges

About a week ago I was given an opportunity in this visit to make another large piece, a kneeling figure, the original of which I had brought to China with me. Though I was really looking forward to going home (home sweet home!) I decided to go for it and stay another week to work on it. So here we go again: the styrofoam form, the nails that stick one inch out to mark the thickness of the plaster, building out the plaster, now shaping it. I learned a lot with the first sitting figure and thought it would be easier this time around. It’s not. Each form has its challenges, each day is different (who can help me, how strong I feel!) and it has become sweltering hot!

That lady who is squatting there lives upstairs of this industrial building in which we are working. She and her husband keep an eye on the place. She is always watching, sees everything, everyone coming and going and she is the one who opens (remotely) this huge screeching industrial roll up door when we need to get in or out after hours. One night as she was letting me out (the last to leave) she balled me out (in Chinese) for leaving the lights on. I explained (in English) that I couldn’t find all the light switches in order to turn them out. Believe it or not I think we understood each other.

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