Bear Paw

I’ve been struggling with that hand all day. Had to ask the guys that were helping me to give me the day alone to work it out. You can see it’s still not right. Looks like a bear paw. Over all though I’m really beginning to like this figure.

I wore that white apron today to keep my clothes from getting covered in plaster and it got a lot of laughs. Many workers here wear aprons but this white one means chef even in China! Biscuits anyone?

another hazy day, that’s the sun setting.

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5 Responses to Bear Paw

  1. zeb schachtel says:

    Joy dear: Many thanks for the blog. It brings the reality home. Touching to see the figure and you together, as you make it more your own. I can appreciate the sense of estrangement from it, in scale and material, and it is a challenge, an interesting one, to claim it back, from such an intimate making.

    I look forward to being with you in the journey. Much love, Zeb

  2. Meredith says:

    Hi Joy. My dad passed along your blog to us today, and I came to check it out. I love all the photos you’re sharing here. It is so interesting to see the process as you create something so big from such a little model. Is this one of the sculptures that will be cast in metal eventually? Looks like you are meshing with the culture and the people there very well – way to go!

  3. Steve Whinfield says:

    I can see the bear paw. Even though I like bear paws it wouldn’t fit here. The curve that I see, in that beautiful photo of the two of you, to the contour of the face, looks great. The whole piece is very much alive. But please add the other hand.

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