100 lifetime’s worth of cups!

I was moved out into the main area of this industrial building where I can work and see the figure from a distance. At the end of the day a truck load of styrofoam was delivered. That’s what my enlarged form was cut out of, after my original clay piece was scanned. Some karma. It has been one of my pet peeves to use styrofoam cups because the stuff lasts forever and it seems so wasteful. Now here I am using enough styrofoam in one figure to make 100 lifetime’s worth of cups!

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One Response to 100 lifetime’s worth of cups!

  1. jennifer says:

    joy, thinking of you today….. there in china….. and wondering if the intensity that is touching so many lives is touching yours too…..? it is as though there is an insistence at the core level of our being…. to turn toward something essential and to not over.ride it…… in this time i send you love and blessings and thank you for doing what you are called to do at your deepest levels….. you are light.bearer with love….

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