Hello from China

I am in Nan qui, Pu Dong district, not far from Shanghai writing this in the middle of the night as I am wide awake with some jet lag…:) This is a farming community, with some residential and some small industry (like our workshop to enlarge sculpture and prepare for casting)

Here are photos of the big sitting figure I’m working on on this
trip……at first when i see it this big I am startled, and feel estranged from
it…then gradually working on it, carving, shaping, adding plaster, it is becoming more friendly and familiar to me. It’s my challenge to make it come alive.

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4 Responses to Hello from China

  1. peter bloom says:

    So exciting to see what you are doing. The work looks to be you at your best. The irony of the styrofoam is hard to wrap my mind around given the. Very basis of your approach! Oh well it looks great

    • Joy Brown says:

      Thank you, Peter!
      It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around it too. Lots of things are like that in my life. Like we burn 7 cords of wood in a week to make beautiful things. It’s really hard in this day and age to live totally by one’s values.

      • Steve Whinfield says:

        Wow, that’s an interesting statement “live totally by ones values”. I pray daily to achieve this. There are too many forces fighting against it every minute. I’d like to offer this in thought of that statement.

        It is an old and much-discussed question, whether it is our thought, or our will, or our emotions that determines our life, and makes us what we are. One man maintains that the “thought” is the root and spring of the whole being. “Only think right and the life will be all right.” Another man finds this teacher entirely wrong, and concludes that the “feelings” are the main thing. “The life is shaped by the emotions, by what we care for, by what we love.” “Oh! no,” says the third man, “not at all. The life is determined by the choices you make, by your resolves, by your decisions, by what you will.” 

        Now the mistake in all this comes from breaking the man up into three distinct parts and treating one of them as though it were the whole man. Thought and Will and Feeling never work singly or independently. They are all three together in all our acts and in all our life. They can no more be separated than the sky and air, or light and color can be separated. (Rufus Jones)

        With that, I suggest, styrofoam works in this case.

  2. Tanya K says:

    Wow Joy!
    Thanks for starting this blog!
    It is so wonderful to see what you are up to on the other side of the world.
    I am cracking up at your comment about the styrofoam cups…
    At least you are putting that horrid substance to good use!
    I look forward to reading more!
    *have fun*
    Tanya K.

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