Joy’s online journal

I am going to China next week for the second time to work on big sitting figures to cast in bronze this summer. I thought an online journal would be a good way to tell about this adventure.

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12 Responses to Joy’s online journal

  1. Richard says:

    This is great Joy. Don’t worry, we’ll get the picture changed. Congrats on your first online journal.

  2. Mamen Saura says:

    I am looking forward to follow your project in China. The blog looks amazing!!!

  3. joybrown says:

    Thanks Richard and Mamen!

  4. Richard says:

    It’s great that you’re doing this Joy and I look forward to getting some images up here. Maybe tomorrow… it’ll be raining.

  5. Gary Sharp says:

    Hi Joy! It sure is great being able to follow your China sculpture project through your blog. It’s exciting work, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your writing and photos.

  6. david says:

    Bravo Joy,
    What a fine idea. Now we can look over your shoulder as you bring this sculpture to life. Terrific!
    Dave Hanser

  7. torie says:

    i love this! so cool to see you at work in china. the big white lady looks absolutely beautiful. and so do you!

  8. Tolere says:

    Your work is so beautiful. I am inspired. The sculptures are full of every positive human quality. China is fortunate to have them in a public place for many to experience.

  9. Ragnar Naess says:

    What a thrill to go slowly through your journal of this work, Joy! I am grateful to the Chinese and your Chinese/Japanese history/connection for making these sculpture projects possible for you. What a gift to you and to the world. Your process of slowly making friends with the figures as your work progresses resonates powerfully with me. I find there is a trough of connectedness (lack thereof) bedtween roughing out and later development of my sculptures – well described as needing nurturing/healing through a friendly feeling towareds them. In the park your folks truly hold their own with those massive apartment towers in the background!

    I’m itching to try building a rough model with styrofoam and then building out from it with CLAY! If I leave the interior open I think I can cut away a lotof the styrofoam once the clay stiffens- before it breaks apart around the styrofoam….maybe not. Maybe the clay will shrink too fast. I have an old Jack Wolfe groggy body which might shrink less fast…..Wonderful too be provoked into fascinating imaginings – by your work and adventure.

    I am sitting on Cliff Island off Portland Maine – our annual autumn retreat. Got a new sholder joint in April and now in late PT stages dealing with ‘downstream’ complications in my right hand. Brought 80# of my regular clay with me to begin using my hands again -little projects. One option is to work very small henceforth- and in ways that don’t require suspending my arms over the work with shoulder muscles. Another option is to reverse all tasks right/left so hands do different work- but still would require suspending arms over the wheel. Still have to have left sholder repaired but after this period of rehab I am resistant. This autumn I’ll try a work period and see how it all fares.
    I’ve entered the age of ‘organ recitals’ and gratitud for the company of doctors who seem to stay about two years ahead of my needs!

    Maybe in the coming months I’ll get up to your area seeking some visitng time. Of course, if I make such a trip I will call first. If you’re ever in the city and want to visit, please let me know. We returh the first week of October.

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