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Enlarging the original

It takes about 20 hours to scan the original form from four angles. This is Wallace and Helene, the awesome team who run these computers. Then they create a program to send the information to the cutting machine computer where … Continue reading

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Out my bedroom window

An amazing thing is happening in the fields around here in the last several days. Since before I came a week ago, these fields out my room window were full of long plastic covered bamboo green houses with melons growing … Continue reading

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Bear Paw

I’ve been struggling with that hand all day. Had to ask the guys that were helping me to give me the day alone to work it out. You can see it’s still not right. Looks like a bear paw. Over … Continue reading

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100 lifetime’s worth of cups!

I was moved out into the main area of this industrial building where I can work and see the figure from a distance. At the end of the day a truck load of styrofoam was delivered. That’s what my enlarged … Continue reading

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Another work day in China

We got a lot done today. I am working with a young Chinese man (whose name is Liu but is called Andy. Everyone has an English name. I said then we should have a Chinese name, so he named me … Continue reading

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Hello from China

I am in Nan qui, Pu Dong district, not far from Shanghai writing this in the middle of the night as I am wide awake with some jet lag…:) This is a farming community, with some residential and some small … Continue reading

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Joy’s online journal

I am going to China next week for the second time to work on big sitting figures to cast in bronze this summer. I thought an online journal would be a good way to tell about this adventure.

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